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Veranda project

We are presently accepting submissions of unpublished short stories and excerpts from unpublished books. All submissions will be submitted in English. All submissions, whether short story or excerpt will be no more than 5 pages (1250 words- double-spaced) unless prior arrangements have been made. We will not download work. Please put your submission directly into the text of your email.

Our philosophy is that the first 5 pages of a promising book should tell us about your writing style, your plot and subject matter, and should entice us to want to read more.  (In actuality the first page should be able to do that as well!)  We do not expect perfect grammar and we do expect to have to edit your work, with your consent if it is accepted.

Please do not submit more than 2 separate pieces of work.  All submissions should be emailed to

If you have a problem with English or are having trouble getting your work translated, we are working very closely with a mature Ukrainian translator who is reasonably priced, who has an excellent command of English and who believes in our mission. Upon your request, we will send you her email address and you will be able to work with her directly.

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