Ukraine Civil Society Support Programme – 2015

The global objective of this Call for Proposals is to enhance civil society role in promoting democratic reforms and inclusive socio-economic development in Ukraine.

The specific objectives of this Call for Proposals are:
For Lot 1: to enhance civil society role in promoting democratic reform and increase public accountability, in particular:
to increase public accountability and transparency:

to monitor the management of public finances and increase public awareness on the process of state budget approval and spending, including public procurement, revenue collection and state aid, at national and local levels;
to monitor and measure progress towards the implementation of government’s commitments in anti-corruption policy, to monitor and promote the new anti-corruption legislative framework, and to monitor the activities of anti-corruption bodies;

to enhance the implementation and promotion of access to public information, through supervisory actions by civil society actors, civic initiatives and citizens

to increase the involvement of civil society actors in monitoring and policy dialogue with public authorities on sector reforms in line with the Association Agreement implementation, in sectors such as: legal, constitutional, judicial, and electoral reforms, financing of political parties, public administration reform, health, environment, energy, transport, land reform, technical barriers to trade and trade facilitation, and food safety control.

For lot 2: to enhance the role of civil society in inclusive socio-economic development of Ukraine, in particular among conflict affected communities: in conflict prevention, conflict management, and work in post-conflict environments, such as:

promotion of inclusive decision-making for socio-economic development at local and regional levels; to strengthen citizens’ capacities to contribute to local development through awarenessraising, civic education, advocacy and community mobilisation;

promotion of democratic values, through culture, dialogue and community mobilisation, support to youth initiatives aimed at the promotion of civic activism and tolerance

support to initiatives aimed at the social and economic integration of IDPs in host communities, in areas such as: livelihood aspects; information space; access to social and administrative services.

For lot 3: to strengthen Civil Society Organisations’ and new initiatives’ capacities in particular in areas
related to the objectives of lots 1 and 2, through:
capacity development and mentoring,
financial support to third parties (sub-granting, see also section 2.1.4) in accordance with the specific objectives for Ukraine under this call for proposals.

Further to the specific objectives, under this call for proposals preference will be given to:
actions proposed by a coalition or consortium of civil society organisations.
actions which incorporate gender perspectives in their methodology. Whenever possible, gender
indicators shall be developed for all target groups and data collection shall be gender disaggregated.
actions which reach rural and/or remote areas or have significant regional coverage. It is expected that
most of the financial support should reach regions and organisations outside Kyiv.

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