Manifesto for the establishment of Nataša The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Platform for Culture

We are a group of various civil society organizations and cultural actors who support, promote and inform sustainable cultural development throughout the Eastern Partnership countries.

We form an open platform of like-minded cultural initiatives and individual cultural actors who intend to further connect their deep involvement in other, already existing Eastern Partnership culture projects, programmes and networks.

As civil society-rooted, informal and non-representative platform we are open to everybody interested in cultural collaboration across the Eastern Partnership

We link established actors and involve new players in the Eastern Partnership culture field for more coordinated and synergized actions.

We pool practical experiences and provide access to existing knowledge, and (online) resources for cultural collaboration and development in the Eastern Partnership.

Our aim is to continuously increase organizational capacities of independent cultural organizations and reinforce their public role in ongoing policy reform and democratization processes in the EaP countries

We develop, launch, promote and represent civil society initiatives for cultural policy reforms in the framework of all local, national and EU policy and governance structures concerned.

We initiate and promote new ideas and flagship projects for sustainable cultural development in the Eastern Partnership

Our work and initiative-taking is based on the unpaid working time, voluntary efforts and dedication of organizations and individuals who share commitment to the platform goals.

The brand name of our platform ‘Nataša’ is an attempt to underline transversal connections between different European identities and historical backgrounds. As slightly ironic, yet inspirational point of departure we use an internationally recognizable female name which deliberately evokes a diversity of meanings and emotional triggers including a partially controversial set of connotations and stereotypes. This choice inherently contains our concern for a still prevailing discourse around unresolved East-West divides, including gender stereotypes, inequality in power relations and our eagerness to overcome these. Fully aware of all the positive and negative undertones in this trans-European name, we use it as a symbol which shall stand for the affirmation and empowerment of the vulnerable social subject because we believe in the debate and promotion of cultural values as an important emancipatory channel towards more open, equal and participatory societies.

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