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Laboratorium Sztuki Społecznej LSS (Community Arts Lab ) is an international residential art project focusing on using public spaces as sites of participation and cooperation. The project aims at building dialogue between the local community living in the Kalinowszczyzna district of Lublin on one hand, and artists and culture animators from Poland and the Eastern Partnership countries on the other hand.

Artists representing different fields of art will carry on activities involving residents of the Kalinowszczyzna district (called once the Lviv suburb), with an active support from local culture animators and tutors. The project will result in carrying out team-based activities that will encourage and inspire local residents to get involved in creating lively public spaces in the Kalinowszczyzna district. The role of the artist as creator will be shifted to that of teacher and guide, while residents will become active recepients and creators of culture instead of being merely passive observers. The artists will cover the progress of the residencies online on a dedicated blog.

Deadline for applications: 11th May 2014

The projects will be carried out from May to August 2014

The countries qualified to participate in the project:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine

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LSS Residencies is supported by Nataša – Eastern Partnership Civil Society Platfrom for Culture

LSS Residencies is a part of the East of Culture project which is organised by creative communities and local governments of Eastern Poland, with the support from Ministry Of Culture And National Heritage (MKiDN) and National Centre for Culture (NCK).

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