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photoEliava Market is an urban segment of Tbilisi, which encompasses various social and cultural spaces and houses the problems that emerge on the crossroads of different urban districts. Formally it represents a shopping area that is remembered only during the times of need for construction materials, food, smaller paraphernalia, second-hand parts of the vehicles etc. However, in parallel reality Eliava Market also unites series of car repair workshops, junkyards of scrap metal, vehicle oil, food and packaging waste. The vast majority of vendors from the area represent a group of people who are “ejected” from spaces of their basic existence and whose identities are directly linked to the regions outside the capital or smaller subcultural zones inside of Tbilisi. This group has no sense of belonging to the city in general and to the Eliava Market in particular, where it spends the biggest part of its life neglecting proper treatment of the area and contributing to the broadening ugliness and irresponsible treatment of existing environment. Presence of the group transforms Eliava Market into a place of survival with limited cultural means of expression and silent layers of isolation from the city. The space became a marginalized, autonomous area, which is in constant cultural conflict with the city due to its spontaneous, non-regulated and variegated characteristics. Its inner space consists of different conflicting and isolated micro, sub cultural spaces as well. The project team plans to draw attention of the society to the following issues and initiate dialogue concerning the ways of finding solutions:

Raising awareness of the population about existing pollution
Suggestion and implementation energy efficient activities in order to reduce the amount of waste and negative individual impact on environment.

The project will be carried out in two parts:

Artistic residency in the Eliava Market (May-June 2014);
Workshop on the issues of reuse of waste and increase of energy efficiency activities (after the residency part 23-24 June 2014).


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