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We are please to annouce that the Nataŝa Platfrom Lab is open!

We invite everyone involved in artistic and cultural collaborations across Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to share the activities and ideas that support sustainable cultural development throughout the Eastern Partnership countries.



ECF Labs is a collaborative conversation space for people serious about art and culture in Europe.

ECF Labs runs as a series of thematic spaces – Labs – where users are welcome to add content and join conversations around specific themes or topics. In today’s social media context, ECF Labs wants to shift the focus from me to us. Therefore, we have created a platform where each thematic Lab is comprised from the collective contributions and interactions of the users.

Why do we call this an “engine for communities”? Because an engine generates motion, but also needs someone to start it. On ECF Labs, the users initiate the engine, put the conversation in motion, and connect their concepts with the ideas of others.

You are welcome to join any number of conversations you want. If you notice that we have missed a topic and would like to take the initiative to host it, we encourage you to request a Lab.


Created by European Cultural Foundation (ECF) to foster an ongoing open conversation about European arts, culture and society.

European Cultural Foundation (ECF)

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